How To Download Hotstar Videos On Android, iPhone & PC

How To Download Hotstar Videos On Android iPhone PC

How To Download Hotstar video On Android, iPhone & Pc: Do you like to entertain yourself with the help of watching Hotstar videos? Because there are lots of people who like to Watch Hotstar video but sometimes they want to download some of the videos.

And if you are one of them who are confused about how to download Hotstar videos on your Android smartphone, iPhone as well as on PC. Then don’t worry guys, this article will help you because, in this article, I am going to provide you step by step information about how to download shows on Hotstar.

But before starting our main topic, let us first know what is Hotstar?

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a video live streaming platform from where you can watch live streaming of sports in HD quality. You can also watch lots of popular new as well as old movies in HD quality. And if you are a kid, then there are also lots of cartoon shows available on Hotstar and you can watch these shows without anycast. New Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, and South Indian Hindi dubbed movies are also available on Hotstar.

If you want to watch a web series in any language like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, etc. then you can also watch that web series on Hotstar. But if you are a fan of the most popular shows like Game of Thrones. And you like that shows (Games of Thrones and many other shows) so much.

Then you can also watch those shows on Hotstar without giving any money. Hotstar was launched by Star Network in 2015 and after the launch. It gets lots of popularity and I personally use it to see the live streaming of IPL (Indian premier league).

But sometimes, you don’t have enough time to watch any videos on hotstar. Then at that time, you just need to download that video and watch that video later. But you can’t download any hotstar video directly so, here you just a need a few steps about how to download hotstar videos.

In this article, I will provide you only two methods and with the help of any method, you can download any hotstar video according to your quality.

How To Download Hotstar Videos in Mobile/PC

If you want to download shows, streaming, movies, videos on your Android mobile phone then you have 3 options.

How To Download Hotstar Video directly with Hotstar App

In this option, you can download videos directly from the hotstar app. Android & iOs

But this option should be applicable only if you have an Android phone and hotstar app should be installed on that Android phone.

How To Download Hotstar Video directly from Hotstar Apps
  1. For downloading any hotstar video, you must log in on a hotstar app. and then simply click on that video which you want to download.
  2. But if that video which you are looking for is not available on hotstar then at that time, you should have to search for that video in the search bar on the Hotstar.
  3. If you will see that video, then simply click on that video and in the above of the video.
  4. You will see an arrow button which is a downloading button.
  5. Now, you simply click on that arrow button and here you will see a pop up that will ask you what type of quality you want to save.
  6. Here if you want to see a video in low quality then simply click on the low-quality option.
  7. But if you want to see a video in a medium or a high quality then simply click on a medium or a low-quality option.
  8. With the help of this, you will download that video in an offline.

Note: But here you will see a drawback. The video which you download on a hotstar from option 1. That video shouldn’t come into your gallery.

because this video should be available only on hotstar but in an offline mode.

2. Hotstar Video With Videoder App

There are lots of apps available on the internet which will provide you an option to download a hotstar video. So if you are looking for what is the best app for downloading hotstar videos? Then I will clear this query of you. You know guys there are lots of best apps available and choosing one app is a little bit tough work. But after seeing lots of ratings and reviews, I am going to provide you that app which is good for you. Download hotstar videos from Videoder video downloader.

This app is the most popular apps for downloading any type of video. That video should be a YouTube video, Facebook video, hotstar video, Twitter video, tiktok video, Sony liv video, etc. So if you are a Facebook user, tiktok user, Twitter user or a hotstar user.

Then with the help of this app, you will download a hotstar video. Now, follow the below steps to download any of the videos:

Step 1) In the first step, you have to download a Videoder App from the link below-

Step 2) Now, install this app.

Install App Android Mobile Phone

and if you will see an unknown source error then simply go to your phone’s setting and enable installation.

Setting Unknown Sources Android install App

Step 3) After installation of that app, now ON your mobile phone’s data or ON your WiFi. Now open that app.

Step 4) Here, you will see lots of sites on that app. Now, you simply click on a hotstar icon and you will see the screenshot given below-

Video Downloader App Hotstar

Step 5) After that, you will be taken on an official site of a hotstar and then you have to search that video which you want to download. And then open that video.

Download Hotstar Video Videoder Option

Step 6) When your video starts playing then in the below, you will see an arrow button which is a download button. Now, you simply tap on that button.

Video Quality Download Hotstar Videos option

Step 7) Here, you will see a list of resolution or quality of the download. Now, you have to click on that Quality in which you want to see a video. After that, you will see a pop up of start downloading option. Now, simply click on the “start option“. For seeing the progress of video download.

Download Hotstar Video Movie TV serial Shows episode

now you will see that thing on the header of your phone. And then enjoy your video.

How To Download Hotstar Video in PC/Laptop With IDM Software

Internet Download manager Video file movie downloader IDM

Are you a PC lover, you have also download hotstar video on your windows or a MAC. Here I am going to provide you a Software name. that you can download any type of video on your computer/PC. Now, follow those steps one by one:

Step 1). Go to and then write “IDM Software“. and install it On Your PC.

Step 2). After opening website on chrome browser. then search That video which you want Download. after the play that video for 1-2 seconds. you will see the option of “Download this video” above that video.

IDM Downloader Video film movie Tv show Episode serial with pc laptop computer

Note:- you can also download movies, serial Episode(TV shows) and web series.

Step 3). Now, you will see a download button and then click on that download button and download a video.

Step 4). Here, you will also see the different qualities like 1080p, 720p, 360p, mp4, 3GP HD, etc. Click on the quality of that video which you want to download.

Step 5). After the success of the download, you will watch your favorite video on your PC.

thus, you can download hotstar video from IDM Software. simply install it on your computer. play that video for a few seconds. and click tap on “Download this video”. you can also send that video to friends and to Mobile Phone.

Download Hotstar Video With IDM Software and Extension

How to download Hotstar video on PC and android mobile. in this step, you can follow the steps and get a video from the Hotstar website or app.

this method is more powerful. There are also lots of Internet Downloader manager software as well as an extension to download a Hotstar video. If you want to download any hotstar video.

then simply go to the chrome extension and then search for a hotstar video download. In the first result, you will see an option and now you have to add that extension on your Chrome browser. With the help of this, you can easily download a hotstar video.

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Final Words:

So, guys, here in this article, I told you, how to download hotstar videos. If you have any queries related to how to download shows on hotstar?. Then simply comment that query in the comment section. Also, share this article on social media with your friends.


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